>I cut it in half already in order to get to 500 ml solution. Maybe even more then?

Probably not. I think that would be too much.

> I will change to the Fuji Hunt kit *if* I pursue.

You can also just buy a bottle of Fuji or Kodak final rinse, and use that with the remainder of your chemicals.

> Is this 50 vs 20 years? In that case I won't mind.

Unfortunately, nobody knows. It really depends on storage. Put it in a damp place and it would be 10 yrs vs 5 days ;-)

> I don't like squeegee, let alone cleaning.

I know what you mean. How about re-washing? You could get a good quality final rinse and re-wash the bad negatives. Hopefully it would not be worse than what you have right now.

Also, you mentioned bubbles. That might be a culprit as well. You definitely don't want to over-agitate the final rinse. I just dunk the negatives in the final rinse, and let them sit there for a recommended time. Maybe just a gentle back-forth movement at the most. Then when the time is to take them out, I top off the container with additional liquid to get rid of any bubbles on the surface and only then pull the film out.