Thanks for the support Doug.

But I do sort of see what these folks are getting at. I tried to put a disclaimer on my post to ensure that I wasn't trying to pronounce Forte dead...just trying to get others to chime in if they knew otherwise.

There's been a lot of "profiteering" by retailers in Canada it seems over Ilford's fate. I've heard tell of retailers claiming that paper price would more than double in the coming months. Doubtless hysteria makes some of these pronouncements more credible than they would be otherwise.

Right now then, it seems like Forte is living and breathing; but it looks like a very, very attractively-priced source for their products (Arista.EDU) is probably history.

Oh well, FreeStyle's reward for rumor-mongering over Forte's fate will be that I don't intend to buy so much as a stirring paddle from them in the future!