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Lastly, could someone explain this sentence.... "The Slavich [PFG-03c] emulsion requires pre-development hardening in a formaldehyde solution." Is this the fogging that R Shaffer was referring to??
No. Actually their fogging problem, I understand, was mainly caused by inconvenient packaging (I heard they had used formaldehyde treated cupboards)
The pre-hardening helps the very soft emulsion survive the processing baths.

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BTW: Lippmann plates can be projected, which to me seems like one of the most practical ways to display. It requires an aphengescope type projector (basically an opaque projector as far as I can tell). Here is a book link that describes it.... http://books.google.com/books?id=pqk...escope&f=false

Yes, that's also been mentioned in one of the files I put online.

The light source of your projector would have to be carefully chosen, since its spectral composition determines what color range you'll get from your Lippmann photographs.