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Because the material on the Yashica is nasty .. its not leatherette, its like a rubbery stuff that flakes off and is very sticky on my hands. It really doesn't have anything to do with appearance .. well ok, ya, it looks nasty too. Hard to use a camera that feels gross in my hands. I believe this material is pretty specific to these older Yashicas, from what I've read online. I'd rather get rid of it and put on a nice leather covering. Doesn't have anything to do with market value, I'm not selling it.
I agree with you. Once that top layer wears away, it's pretty gross underneath.

As I mentioned, I had a Yashica that had the same covering, I think. So I simply pulled off the old stuff, which I outlined earlier, and replaced it with new material. I really like the coverings from Aki-Asahi, so I used that.

Nothing against cameraleather.com, but my experience with them has varied from very good to terribly slow to having to remind him several times what I ordered.