OT: Rolleiflexes

At least in Europe, SL35-Es are fairly common and 3 out of 5 were working properly (o.k. one had no BC function or working self-timer).

A beat-up one is probably actually a good sign: It worked properly for a long time (chances are that it'll continue to do so).

The Rolleinar 80-200s were made in at least 2 versions by at least 2 different manufacturers. I had one (don't remember which), which was quite decent.

Teles: Both Zeiss 85mm are wonderful. The 135mm have a great reputation (haven't used one). The 200mm is optically excellent, but the pre-HFT version is mechanically very delicate (diaphragm mechanism). The Rolleinar (Mamiya) 200mm is optically a touch behind the Zeiss, but still excellent and mechanically better.
The other Rolleinars tend to be quite- to very good, though usually not at the level of the equivalent Zeiss optics (when an equivalent exists!).

My "desert island" lens could well be the 35mm F/1.4, but in practice I rarely use it because of the size & weight of the beast.

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Off Topic: I just got back from vacation using that SL35M but I still yearn for a working SL35E (mine conked out a few years ago). So I did a BIN on ebay yesterday for another. It looks a little beat up, but thats OK I intend to use it.

Its coming with a Rolleinar 80-210 zoom. I have no zooms, and no telephotos, and no Rolleinars, so I'll post my experience with it when it arrives.

5stringdeath, now you need a few Zeiss lenses !!