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My "desert island" lens could well be the 35mm F/1.4, but in practice I rarely use it because of the size & weight of the beast.
Agree 100%. The lens I took on the 'family vacation' was the 35mm f2.8

Continuing some OT discussion: The new-to-me SL35E looks like it will come to me with slotted screws on the front and back. Most I have seen (including my broken one) have Phillips screws. Some google-image searching lead me to see that some cameras indeed had the slotted screws. Also, the shutter on the new one has shiny rivets, as opposed to the black ones on my broken one. Do these differences mean anything?? I wonder if you have seen any small differences between the SL35E cameras?

Here is the e-bay auction of the one on its way to me: 370369251449