David, it depends on the cyan dye. Sometimes, the cyan dye reverts to its colorless (leuco) form and can be reoxidized to the colored form. Unfortunately, some dyes separate into their two component parts and others decompose totally. Some films form the leuco dye for just a limited time or under some keeping conditions and this confounds the issue as they gradually fade away anyhow. I cannot say as I don't know which generation of films are involved.

To answer your question though, any Kodak film might be regenerated by this method. It usually does no harm if the film is not regenerated, as long as you wash and stabilize afterwards.

If anyone is really interested, I will ask around and get more information on the possible Kodak films that can be "fixed" this way. I think though that one of the Kodak guys who posts on PN referred to this not long ago.