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As I have indicated on other threads, Forte surviving is dependent on finding a price structure that makes sense....... It's not going to be a bargin basement product anymore and the market will decide if the product is good enough to justify the pricing.
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I really like Forte films, but if they double in price, I'll be able to get Ilford films cheaper, and I don't know if I like Forte films more than Ilford films, at the same prices.
Maybe Ilford needs to raise their prices, too. That may be our future, friends: paying more to ensure that we have the materials we need. Agfa and Forte 120 films are $2.00-ish, Ilford and Kodak $3.00-ish. I'm an amateur, averaging maybe 4 rolls a month, so I'll pay what I have to and barely notice. For others who shoot a lot, it'll be more painful.

Would I pay $8.00-$10.00 a roll tomorrow for some APX25? I might.