jdef, you want to see work from people on this forum? then why dont you start a print exchange? Is very simple, you decide how much work you want to put into this, let say once every 3 months. You give your address to those who want to participate and they will send you prints. You in turn are in charge to distrinbute the prints to the various members who want to participate. Of course everybody who agrees to participate will have to include a couple of bucks for postage with the print. But I guess you get my drift.
Or you can make a list and have a database and with all those who want to participate address, and every so often you e mail each other and exchange prints. Etc, etc. I has been done many times in other forums.

Another avenue if you want to meet with people is to create "free" workshops. Pick a place and decide to go there. Anounce it here and see how many people show. Per Volquarts has done this in the photo.net LF forum and last I heard he had 40 people on his last "free" workshop. Of course, Per is a wonderful photographer, so there is an incentive there. But maybe you have someone in your area who would be interested to meet other LF photographers.