The JOBO perform very stable process control for temperature and rotation (agitation). The ATL1000, 1500, etc series does time management as well. The differences in the equipment:
CPE2 limited to 600mL per run, no expert tanks. YOu do the tuiming and dumping of chemicals manually.
CPP2, CPA2... bigger maximum fluid capacity, use Expert tanks. Ditto the timing and cumping above.
ATL1000, 1500, 2000. Basically load the chemicals in bottles, set a bunch of "dials" for time and temp and process, then walk away for finished processing. USes any tank JOBO makes.

The 1000 and 1500 are sisters. The older 1000 has some limitations on user programs, The 1500 has less of these limitation rules. The 2000 series is the professional lab series. All the bells and whistles.

Buy the special SS Hewes made reels for 120 or 35mm. They load much more easily then the plastic reels. They use the 1500 series tanks.

Parts are terribly overpriced. If you buy used, get something that is loghtly used. The motors wear out.

Try this for more comparative info:

Good luck.