Canon AV-1 – $35
This is a pretty good condition AV-1. Comes with a working battery, I've ran a test roll through it, as seen on my tumblr. Light seals OK, though it needs a new mirror bumper. I have replaced the film rewind crank, as it was broken when I got it. The 50mm Lens is clean with few dust.

Olympus XA 1 – $15
A pretty rare gem in the XA world, this XA 1 is in pretty good condition, it is being sold as the camera only, but I will include the flash. The flash unit I have not been able to get to charge, so therefore am going to include it for free. The light seals are good on this unit. There are no more clicks when you slide front cover left and right, but doesn't affect anything else. The body is in great condition with no issues on the lens.

Olympus XA 2 – $25
Great condition XA 2, there is only a slide scrape blemish on the front cover, which can be seen in the photos. This unit has good tight light seals, that aren't deteriorated yet. The lens is clean, and like the XA 1, this unit's flash is missing the bottom cover for the battery. I'm sure you can get something to work, I was unable to find anything therefore I am not terribly sure the flash will work. I am including it free therefore.