Polaroid SX-70 Rainbow Cameras – From left to right; $25, $20, $15
First, I've battery tested all of these SX-70's to confirm they will work. Both Shutter and Meter do work in these.
Condition of each of these SX-70 varies so read carefully.
Left SX-70 is the best condition of the three pictured, there is less yellow fade and no detrimental cracks to the camera at all. Nearly Mint infact, has the least scratches.
Middle SX-70 has a minor crack on the bottom door but doesn't affect the loading or removal of film. There's a few more scratch marks on this one, but otherwise in good condition
Right SX-70 has a gash on the top of the unit, which does leave a black mark thats visible. This was a user's SX-70, it's the most used of them all and definitely would be good to carry around.