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Where one spends one's money is their business but to boycott a company because of what a sales rep said is silly..
I'm not boycotting them so much as realizing that outside of Arista.EDU they have nothing to offer me. And since they won't be carrying Forte products in any form in the future (their words, not mine) they aren't really in the game any longer as far as my enlarging paper needs are concerned.

They're shipping is inexpensive, but it still falls a few $ shy of making up for their prices vs Adorama and B&H; at least for the products that I order with some regularity. In fact, once I incorporate shipping they are maybe all of $1 or $2 cheaper for a box of 100 RC sheets for Agfa MCP 312 vs. one of the larger retailers in my area. Hardly worth my wait.

Besides, they use FedEx to deliver to my metro area (Washington, D.C.) and that precludes the shipment of any chemicals and FedEx's use of local contracters for final delivery invariably means that I have to wait another couple days for delivery vs UPS anyways.