I've used a Jobo CPP-2 to process E-6 for many years. I use 2500 tanks for 35mm & 120 and a 3006 expert drum for 4x5. I agree with Nick, plastic reels are no problem, IF they are dry. However, one drop of water turns them into film eating monsters. The expert drums are excellent. From a purely mechanical point of view, the Jobo works extremely well and provides all the consistency that you could ever want.

One thing to consider is what chemistry to use. For many years, I used the Kodak E-6 Hobby Pak, which was a simple three step chemistry that let you process a batch in well less than 30 minutes. Hobby Paks are long gone and I've transitioned to the Kodak Single Use E-6 Kit. This a five liter kit. The real issue is that there are nine processing steps, not including presoaks and final washes. It takes 35-40 minutes to run a batch by the time all is said and done. Several of the steps are only 2 minutes long, so you are pretty much stuck at the processor for the entire run. No time for reading a book, mixing chemistry, or chatting on APUG. I believe that there is other E-6 chemistry out there, but I have no experience with any of it. An ATL2000 would solve the problem of being tied to the processor, but they don't give those things away.

I hope this helps.