I've just bought a 13x18 ICA Juwel - without ground glass holder (or lens). I have some plate holders though, and will really want to use this camera.

Does anyone have a 13x18 film pack adaptor, or any other 13x18 ICA / ZI gadget they could sell to get my camera working? It should be easy to make a ground glass holder from a film pack adaptor if I can find one. I've never seen one but they are mentioned in old catalogues so must be out there somewhere.

For that matter, if anyone has a wrecked 13x18 Ideal, Favorit (or even Juwel) the ground glass would of course be of interest to me. Any ideas about dealers who might have this sort of thing would also be very welcome.

Otherwise, if anyone has any tips on how to make a ground glass assembly from scratch for a plate camera please let me know.