I bought some used darkroom equipment several years ago and in one of the boxes were some chemicals. They have been stored in my garage and I cannot guarantee the quality.

I have kept them thinking I might use them, but now that I am on the brink of old age I need to lighten the load.

So, if you are working with Cyanotype I have some potassium ferrocyanide for you. It is in crystal form and the crystals are about the size of a large grain of rice. I have 16 ounces to give to you.

Here's the catch.
Because this is a Hazardous waste product, I will not ship it, so local pickup is the only option.
If you have someone local and have them ship it to you that is your decision and not mine, and I will not accept responsibility for that.

I live in Orange County California, and I am willing to meet you.

The only cost to you is your time.

pm me if interested.

Again, for those in the back "I will not Ship" local pickup only.