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I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures of the different implementations. The heaviest I've seen was made of stainless steel.
Here is mine (Pic: TestStripOverview2). Made of 3 mm and 6 mm Medium Density Fibreboard. I raised the hinges with a shim of RC paper, to raise the flap the thickness of my usual paper (Pic: TSHinge)). I put in the recommended notches to facilitate shifting the paper the correct distance after each exposure, but found them unnecessary as I shift the paper with the safelight on; ruled black lines make this easy under vision (Pic: TSStrips)). The first shift is difficult with the paper abutting the edge of the frame, so I gouged a groove for the fingernail (Pic: TSNailCatch). I left an overhang at the left hand end of the flap (Pic: TSFlange); lifting the flap by hooking the left index finger under it is easier, I think, than grasping a knob on top. Finally, all my home made easels are 20 mm thick (for autofocus). A square of 6mm MDF and a Maplins stick-on 9 mm thick rubber foot (Pic: TSFoot) gives a height of 21 mm, not quite 20 mm but near enough not to affect focus for test strip purposes.