I work in the darkroom alone as well. I do have two glass measuring cups but that's it and I intend to replace them with some kind of plastic ones. I wear glasses anyway but safety glasses are best to wear. I used to be a welder and getting metal splinters in eyes is no fun; so I learned to use a bandana on my head so anything that tries to stick to my skin and 'sweat down' into my eyes just won't happen anymore. ABC fire extinguisher is good too. My girlfriend buys this Green Tea company stuff in one gallon plastic bottles. I snag those when they are empty and use them for chemicals. I don't worry about them being brown, the room is in the dark most of the time anyway. But they are heavy plastic and sturdy bottles. Lots of rags for the same spills and nose/mouth face mask for mixing dry chemicals - with me, then the chemicals, then the exhaust fan so the fan will pull most of it out before it can get to me to begin with. A lab coat is a good idea but I don't have one. Other than those things, being careful and not getting in a hurry are good. Make sure ventilation is good too. I have seen too many industrial accidents to not be careful and removing the things you can, like glass is a good first step. If you have to have glass items, tape them up with duct tape or something just as strong. At least then if you do drop it, most of the glass stays with the tape.