The problem I'm trying to avoid is having "invisible" lines showing up in alt-process prints that are caused by the areas where negatives are in contact with the ribs inside the print drums. I've heard that this can be caused by the ribs in most print drums that are meant to help locate the paper. If the best solution to this is doing single sheets in trays, that's fine. I won't do more than one sheet at a time in a tray, as I have proven myself incapable of not scratching sheets during tray development. I'd rather not use D-76 - as I said, I want multi-purpose negatives. I'm going to look into making my own sleeve for the inside of the Jobo 3063 so I can use it to soup the film. I'm not crazy about tray development period - I don't enjoy standing around in the dark with my (gloved) hands in chemistry for 30 minutes at a shot.