"What shutter speed did you use? Did you use mirror lockup? How did you digitize the pix? Have you tried looking at them under a loupe and/or printing them optically?"

I was shooting at f5.6, the shutter was on the fast side but I dont remember exactly what. I scanned them on an epson 700. I did not use mirror lockup. They look the same under a loupe.

"What are you unimpressed with? Sharpness, contrast? Bokeh?"

I dont know exactly.. I think sharpness.

"tripod coupling can be just as important "

The tripod was a bogen 3246 with a 3047 head.

I allways use a shade on that lens.

"Judging from afar, photos look pretty flat. Did you use a lens shade? That cross lighting doesn't flatter the subjects very well either. "

I metered this one for the shadows, so it looks a little over-exposed. Thats why it looks flat. But that doesnt bother me since only shutterbugs will really notice. The light was a little harsh and unflattering.. I really need an assistant to hold a diffusion screen or a fill reflector =].

*Most replies have been from users who own the C or KL model.

Could this be close enough to require some close-range-correction? I was only about 4-5 feet away I think.