Many of us here have struggled with the "best" way to mount a print on one's mounting board. It seems reasonable to conclude that current archival standards would NOT countenance using conventional dry mounting using a sealing iron, and a mounting press. However, one might also opine that for many of us the chances of having an photographic exhibition appearing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art are remote to non-existent. Thus, the question as to the best way of presenting one's images seems to depend upon the ease of whatever process one uses ( in the broad sense, hinges vs. dry mounting ), and a variety of other issues that revolve about personal preference, experience, and cost. In the case you present, I believe David's suggestion to be entirely sound.

Will your prints have an over-mat, and will you be mounting your prints so that the borders are covered, or so the borders are visible? A print mounted on board without an over-mat might not presented in the optimum fashion.