Aha! Indeed I see some good stuff has happened. As it happens, I was cruising the WPPD gallery earlier and that one of the tulips really snagged my attention, an unusual aspect ratio and a very nice color rendering. Didn't realize it was from an APUGer. I see they are up to 1777 photos already -- could be a big year. As someone with a bonsai interest, I'm attracted to that one from Poisson du Jour also.

It's odd, those galleries have been this way forever, but that "Participants (xxxx)" number is apparently the start of the last block of files loaded and not the last photo; so the number of photos up always exceeds that.

This was my sixth year and only two of the years have been free of rain or serious threat of rain -- seems unusual, but I guess one must shrug the shoulders and say "April showers bring May flowers."