Jeff, the RB and lens system I refered to was new. I kept it for about 4 years, and made some good images with it. I'll repeat that the RB system is a great one. If you want the sharpest lenses possible (my particular taste) then I would not choose it again. I didn't try the KL variety of lenses, but I do understand they were better performers (re: edge to edge sharpness). I switched to an RZ, and found the lenses signifacantly sharper (to my eyes). My most recent project was shot primarily with an RZ and 110 mm (see my mannequin exhibit at if you have a minute). I was very happy with it. I do agree that you absolutely need good technique as pointed out by Keithwms, with MLU and a heavy tripod a must. I use a sturdy Manfrotto 058 Triaut tripod. Again, the lens system on the RB is very respectable and can produce wonderful results. It was just not my cup of tea. In the end, any camera and lens combination can do wonderful things if guided thoughtfuly.