Nickolas, I was going to say something similar to this - but for me, it's the eyes. The point of focus is not on the eyes which I think makes a difference. If you can, find a copy of Barry Thornton's "Edge of Darkness" I'm sure there are similar test, but all you have to do is print out or make a white board with vertical lines on it. On the center line, draw > < one on top, one on bottom, so you know which line is the center one. Then set up the camera at a known - read that Measured, distance. Set the card or board up so the center line is at that distance and inclined with one end closer to you and the other further away. Then focus the camera on the center line, develop the negs, make a print from them. The lines, being something like 1cm apart, will tell you if your point of focus on your camera is on, long or short. From there you can adjust the camera or your focus, whichever one you want. It did wonders for helping me understand why I was getting 'slightly off' photos for a while. Since doing this, I did shim the screen and now I tend to get pretty sharp images.