Camera has been well used but is in good shape, some normal light marks on the corners, some scuffs on the wind handle etc. Comes with a standard matte focusing screen with the center cross hairs and a standard WLF. Camera back has similar signs of use, one small ding on the bottom right corner which does not affect use. Back has just had it's light trap checked as well as film gap and is in good mechanical shape. Matching insert of course. Lens in good shape with clean glass except for two small nicks on the rear element which should not greatly affect image. Focus smooth, shutter speeds all accurate and aperture works great. I think it's missing a small plastic ring which goes around the outer rear edge and overs four small screws. Does not affect lens use. Light ding on the bottom of the front edge, will have my repairman bump it out this afternoon. Comes with front cap. - $700