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Well I just finished my project 4X5. The camera was completely dis-assembled, hand sanded, two coats of Minwax mahogany stain, two coats of Minwax polyurethane with hand sanding between coats. All hardware was hand polished and is nickel coated brass. The camera has new bellows installed that were lengthened from the original bellows which were around 350mm to 500mm. Some screws were replaced with brass screws. The bellows was sealed at both ends with black silicone between the bellows and the wood and over the fasteners that hold the bellows on to insure a light tight setup.

I have installed a cold shoe and dual axis level, the two brackets that once held a handle are installed but I did not install a new handle, I will leave that up to you if you wish.

Five lens boards are included, I made a slight mistake when ordering them and they are currently 90X96mm, they should be 96X96mm but they will work as they are. They have been stained to match the camera and there are two with Copal 0, one Copal 1, and two blank. They are recessed on the rear to allow for a retaining ring and the blank ones would be perfect for mounting a flange for that Euryscop you have laying around.

The spring back is in great condition and can be rotated to the vertical position. The ground glass is very nice and has a 1/2" grid (12mm) with clipped corners for ease of focusing. The camera has geared front rise, front swing, front tilt. The rear is geared tilt only. The focus rail is geared and an extension is included. The camera will fold up to a pretty small package (see photo) but enough rail is included to extended all the way out to 500mm of bellows draw.

I am really unsure what to ask for this beautiful camera and you are not likely to find one in this condition. I will start it at $1 and let the "auction" run for three days. At the end of that time I will sell to the highest bidder as long as it is not $10...

Shipping is actual and the camera with packing will be about 10lbs. Unfortunately it will not fit in a large USPS Flat Rate box.

I have to say the reserve on this camera is $150, I have to at least get my investment back out of it but I have spent at least 20 hours on this beautiful piece of history.

Good luck!

The other 10 photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/3855704...7623947536662/
If I had the money I would buy this set-up. I think it should have been posted for at least $200 to start. you can always come down on price. For what you are offering, well worth the money.
Come on people-- support a guy that is out there defending our freedom to pursue happiness.
BTW- Colin, your refinishing skills are exceptional.