Nikkor-M f9 300mm Boxed with both original caps owned from new £275

Nikkor-W f5.6 210mm Boxed with both original caps owned from new £275

Schneider APO-Symmar f5.6 150mm rare Gold Edition. Could have been Goldfingerís lens, the Serial Number is GE007Ö. Really! This is non-L version. In Compur 0 shutter. Tiniest scratch on front element of rear cell. This has been there since I bought it and has no effect on image quality With original rear cap and am sure the front one is somewhere safe - will rummage!£275

Schneider APO-Symmar f5.6 120mm Linhof engraved with both original caps. This is a fantastic little lightweight and sharp lens. This is non-L version. £250

Size 1 Ebony/Linhof-fit lens boards x2 @ £15 each

Size 0 Ebony/Linhof-fit lens boards x2 @ £15 each

LF technique books Ė Free if you are buying something and picking it up, suspect postage will be prohibitive. Stroebl, Dykinga, and Simmons, possibly a couple of others. Very light use, one careful Gentleman owner!!!

Available film will be announced shortly

Iím working 18hr days at the moment and thus havenít had time to fully research prices, but have asked ones I think seem to be fair (for UK). If I am miles out, then please provide evidence for comparable product in same condition and Iíll try to accommodate.

Havenít had a chance to investigate postage options. I am situated on UK South Coast if youíd like to arrange to pick up your items

Additional information - My working conditions have changed and I have made the decision to move to an entirely digital workflow, largely on the grounds that I donít have the time to properly enjoy all the aspects of film photography and juggle all my other commitments.

I really look after my gear and applied much thought and sought advice before purchasing, as I prefer the buy once, but well philosophy. I have photos of all of the main items, but have to change them from their RAW state. I will do in the next day or so.