Ebony 45SU camera (Boxed) Ė Very Good Condition. It has been cherished and well maintained. Inevitably it isnít Mint as I have used it as intended in the outdoors. Though being a soft Southerner, predominantly in rain-free conditions!
Apart from a tiny piece of corner of the front 45SU badge missing, the camera is a superb example of this very desirable camera. I have long said that I doubt I would ever want another camera. The asymmetric movements offer an unfair advantage in just how quick you can nail that focus in transient conditions. I shall really miss them! GG is standard Ebony with grid and etched marks for asymmetric axes. Rear swing tommy bar has been replaced for the longer 10x8 version offering more secure locking of movements. Original is included if you prefer.
Currently over £4500 new (UK price), they are extremely rare to be available used. Iím looking for sensible offers by PM system.

Ebony 45SU Bag Bellows (Boxed) Superb condition £275

Ebony 45SU Wide angle Fresnel focussing screen. This is the International Back fit version, so it just hooks straight on in lieu of Std GG. Has the std grid pattern, but no asymmetric axes markings on the glass. For use with wide lenses 90mm and shorter, though the 110mm works fine £300

LF technique books Ė Free if you are buying something and picking it up, suspect postage will be prohibitive. Stroebl, Dykinga, and Simmons, possibly a couple of others. Very light use, one careful Gentleman owner!!!

Available film will be announced shortly

Iím working 18hr days at the moment and thus havenít had time to fully research prices, but have asked ones I think seem to be fair (for UK market). If I am miles out, then please provide evidence for comparable product in same condition and Iíll try to accommodate.

Postage will be quite expensive for some heavy items and havenít had a chance to investigate options. I am situated on UK South Coast if youíd like to arrange to pick up your items

I really look after my gear and applied much thought and sought advice before purchasing, as I prefer the buy once, but well philosophy. I have photos of all of the main items, but have to change them from their RAW state. I will do in the next day or so.