The 58/1.4 has nice bokeh and is a generally good standard lens. I have two of them. It's always advisable to use a hood with a fast lens. The issue here is that the coating on the 58/1.4 is not as advanced as the coating on later standard Rokkors. All of the 50/1.7 Rokkors are well coated and all of the 50/1.4 Rokkors are also well coated. I most cases I block flare by shading the lens with one hand. That's just laziness because I have many hoods. In most cases where flare is an issue the light is fairly strong. I would look for an inexpensive 50/1.7 Rokkor (MC Rokkor X, MC Rokkor PF, MD Rokkor-X or MD) and use that in flare prone situations.