Happy to hear you guys enjoyed it. I went to the opening and was very impressed by how striking and inspired Nick Brandt's work is when you are standing in front of a picture.
I'm aware of the debate raging around the internet arguing that Nick Brandt uses more Photoshop post processing than he's prepared to admit. Whatever the truth is, it cannot be denied that the pictures are in a league of their own. The compositions are stunning. From a fine art point of view, he's on to something and good luck to him.

I travel to Africa to take pictures every year, normally in October. I've always loved the work of Peter Beard and I suspect Nick Brant does also! I have attached one of my efforts in Zambia last October. Not exactly in Brandt's nor Beard's class I concede, but working on it! I'm even lugging a Pentax 27 over there when I return in September this year.