If you want new then I'd suggest Kaiser which can be found at:


Kienzle found at:

but if you are looking for second hand then Durst is by far the best option as there is a huge amount on the market and they are quality unlike meopta or LPL which IMO are junk.

get the following PDF which lists the last made models and will give you a grounding in what was/is available. There are a lot of older models out there too.

The simplest to use are the ones with with vario heads which just use one dial to alter contrast but the colour heads work too by using yellow and magenta. Or you may opt for a B+W head and use ilford MG filters but you need to make sure you have a filter drawer for those otherwise you need an under the lens filter holder as opposed to over the lens (and film) drawer.

The M805 is a pro level and very good and have corresspondingly higher prices. The Modular 70 is very good too as is the M670

I'd suggest the M670 or equivalent older model is the minimum for your requirements. Just be careful about which head it has with it and also whether is has mixing box for bot 35mm and 6x7 (which also covers 6x4.5 and 6x6) format.
If you want to use 6x9 the the M805 is required or even the L1200 but the L1200 is big and heavy.

Personally if money is no object I'd go for a Kaiser 4560 or 4471 otherwise a durst M805 or Modular 70. Or M670 if you are on a tight budget.