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The printing of the photo's within all seem to be variations of sepia tone, it is as if they are unable to print in straight black and white anymore.
Lol! I have seen this trend too, glad it is not just my eyes going all squey-whiff!

I do still purchase the magazine B + W Photography - it is mainly geared towards digital. To an extent I can understand why - larger potential readership base, easier magazine layout production, potentially quicker lead times on articles, cheaper input costs etc but it is a shame it has "gone with the herd". Used to be very film/print based but no longer the case. Fi;m/print is very much the rarity nowadays. Digi product reviews seem to be fairly "soft", in that everything seems to be "great" and "ideal for use" with little critique and not as thorough as widely available reviews.

The sepia toned look of all the pics is really annoying, either it's a bit of an affectation which I don't get or they need to sort out their ICC profiles!

However, I like the USA gallery review (not because I can visit but the featured exhibitions seem to be very creative and inspiring) and oddly enough the random article/promotions from Silverprint - last one was about printing with Autochrome from 1913 - now that is intruiging!!!