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Sometimes I wish colour had a non-standardised process, as I fantasise about this having given more freedom to film R&D on colour films - higher speeds, flexibility of Tri-X and others, oh well.
guess we have completely different mindsets. I'd rather do all my creative workings with the camera and film and not worry about variations in developering and agitation. The only time I want to change or adjust developing is when I cross process or push process, which is probably 1 or 2 rolls a year at most

I understand the creative possibilities, but sometimes I think too many possibilities can be detrimental, IMO. I make a print that I think looks good, then I think, "well, if I had done this or that, my picture would have looked "better." I put better in quotations because in reality, my prints would have looked different. Not better or worse, just different. I probably convinced myself that less variables would be better just because I tend to think of all the stuff I could or should have done

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