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New equipment is fine packed with silica gel as it is not intended for long term storage. However, storing for a year or more adds a new perspective. Naturally it depends on the humidity of the surroundings. It should be obvious that dry, constant temperature situations are far better than damp, variable temperature conditions. Do not store in leather cases, they will hold any moisture next to the equipment but by far and away the best way is to put the gear through its paces at regular intervals.
Yeah, that was my take. Initial packaging for shipping and warehouse storage assumes the equipment will be moved from one type of environment to another several times, warehouse to warehouse, warehouse to truck, travel through wet/hot/cold/dry conditions, store shelves, etc. The silica helped neutralize the environmental changes inherent in shipping. Long-term storage in a climate controlled environment was a different matter. Besides the grease, the silica can dry out leather, leatherette, glues, etc.

Like I said, I'm not vouching for the argument, but it makes sense to me.