I had a few ideas foe pinhole cameras but need help on making them work properlu.

The first idea was to use a 35mm film canister and have the film slide through slits in the side of the canister and have the film up against the inside round back of the canister, However I want the camera to be able to use a whole roll of film slide through the canister.


Any ideas on how I can have the film hugging the back of the canister so I can wind on new frames and use a whole film?

I intend to make a box around the camera so it is light tight too.
I want the film to have light fall off on the negative and I assume it will provide a wide angle and distorted image that goes out of focus around the edges.

The Second idea was to use one of those peep holes found in hotels etc for a lens. Not sure if it would work or not but its worth a try.

I would basicly make a box with the lens on it and use tracing paper to see if the lens focuses light properly and if it does make a basic camera out of it.