I'm offering two for sale.
1) Agfa-Gavaert's Super Intergon @ 210mm and f9, similar in design to the Staeble Ultragon, and coverage similar to the G-Claron from what I've read. I've never mounted this, but some claim it covers 8x10. The only thing I can find is a few specks of dust, and that isn't even worth complaining about. Other than that, this is in great condition. No imperfections in the glass at all. Iris moves smoothly. Includes mounting flange.


2) I also have a Protar in Compound shutter. Two of the iris leaves are out of whack, making the iris hard to move at times and making that circle look a little out of round. The aperture still opens and closes, and the shutter seems to work properly otherwise. Front and rear elements are both 13-3/4", but one of them doesn't appear to be original to the shutter. The serial numbers are too far apart, one has gold lettering, the other has white. Both elements are series VII, with a little balsam separation on the edges of both. Both have thread diameter of about 40.5mm, in case you want to move them to another shutter.
Protars are convertible. Shutter has iris scale for 7-7/8" and 13-3/4". Includes retaining ring and front/rear caps.

$125 each shipped to any US address. Buy both for $200 shipped in the US and save $50.