You should have written the review in The Age Garyh! You've got a good style.
Joachim - it doesn't look like I can post photographs here, nevermind. The point I was trying to make was that you can often get increadibly close to wildlife in Africa. It really depends on where you are, the guide you have, if any at all, the rules and regulations in place, and the number of people who may, or may not be around. Last year I was shooting in Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. I hardly used telephoto lenses at all. I have full frame head portraits of lions and elephants and never used anything longer than 70mm and never had to crop. Scary? Once or twice over the years, I've had the odd scare, mostly with bull elephants, especially during the mating season but it's just a question of being hyper aware of your surroundings as well as keeping your eye in the view finder and not taking silly risks just to get a picture. Takes some practice! The fact that Brandt uses a 200mm as the longest lens in his inventory isn't news to me, I've seen guys lugging around massive lenses in incredible heat but I doubt they obtain more impressive results. I think Brandt's got the right idea. Less is more. I'll try to post a few pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about if I can figure out how.