with all of the spring colors, I am starting to transition from monochrome to color film, not necessarily developing film

I have a box of fujicolor pro 160c 120

as such, I figure it's time to switch to color printing

for equipment I have a roller tank and base set, and two sest of cibachrome filters, I also have a kodak color print viewing kit

I would like to do color separation prints, and regular prints

what materials are available and required?

what is the process?

what is a good "optical" paper available in sheets?

I did try searching, but usually ended up finding minilab.......

for now the film and one set of prints will be made by the photoshop
one roll I had them do turned out nice, it was old K gold 100 in a p&s

I do know monochrome start to finish, everyting from bulk loading to hanging in a gallery