If you are looking for the bargain of low price and high image quality, along with truly stellar build, choose a Nikkor 85mm 1.8 H or H.C. Same optics as the K series which was the forerunner of the Ai series, the H has less coatings than the H.C which truly has multi-coating. Make sure to get a good hood, the HN-7 works well, but shooting without the hood nearly wide open at a backlit portrait will grant you much praise form the subject, has a nice dreamy yet sharp quality, a Must Try with this lens. I have many 85's, 2 F2, H, H.C, the beautiful 1.4 AiS and the AF 1.8. Eventually I'll get the 1.4 AF when the new one comes out. The Scallopped Ring 1.8 H or H.C. has a great combination of price, value, build, speed, sharpness and character. I have 2 of the F2 models, the longer focussing throw Ai and the shorter throw AiS and while they are decent lenses and a handy weight and size, the MF 1.8 is a better lens.