I too would love to see more film based photography magazines on the market, but to be fair, magazines are in the business to make money. And (unfortunately) the money is being made in digital photography magazines.

True we have almost 41,000 members here on APUG, but in the grand scheme of making money - that isn't anywhere near enough subscribers for a magazine to truly make a profit. (If each of us took out a subscription which is highly unlikely.)

I remember a member putting together a solely film-based magazine a year or so back, but haven't seen or heard anything about it for quite a while. (The name escapes me on both the member and magazine title fronts.)

I can live with B&W Photography having digital articles; to be honest burying my head in the sand *won't* make digital disappear and some of the articles are quite interesting. If it's a case of having digital & film in the one mag in fair proportions, I'm happy to buy. But if most of the articles are purely digital based - forget it, whilst I use digital in my commercial work I really don't want to be surrounded by it in my off time if I can help it.

Ag is another mag that has caught my eye, but it's price is just too prohibitive to warrant purchasing (same goes for Silverprint). At $20+ an issue I can buy a book at that price with considerably more information; true it won't have interviews or showcase photographers, but my $$ are spent on where I see value - $20 for an interview? Sorry just not my cup of coffee. . . . . . .