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This has been on my mind for a while. The idea of a technical magazine is redundant as the forums here show. But an artistic magazine dedicated to film...

An APUG magazine, one per year, showing the very best of film photography, priced at cost (or a little extra for APUG funds), utilizing on-demand magazine printing such as magcloud:


Could it happen?
Its not impossible, but it all depends on how you want it done and how much it could cost.

By far, the easiest option is to produce a blurb book. I run a forum that is dedicated to motorsports photography (www.catchfencephotos.com) and each year one of our members produces an annual book. The concept is simple, you supply him with suitable images digitally (OK, I'm sure I have lost you here already) and he edits them together (you need to use their propitiatory software), adds a few graphics and uploads them to blurb. (I am actually not giving the guy who does it enough credit. It takes quite a bit of time just to do that!). For those who want to buy, you buy straight from Blurb, so there is no minimum order. If people are interested, here is this years book:


That being said, I am not 100% sure that something like that would really fit the look you could expect for artistic photos. Certainly not any worse then most magazines, but then again, its really only a glorified photo book.

That being said, that "Magcloud" does look interesting