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Just taking this slightly off topic, I was looking at the Melbourne Camera Club Website last night and was keen to see that you still have a thriving darkroom group, well that was the impression I got from the website. Is this so?

Also keen to note that the Darkroom hire is $5 for 12 hours.... (unless I miss read it!)
Personally I have never hired the darkroom so I guess the web site is correct ? I do participate in the Traditional Darkroom Printmakers Group & have used our fantastic darkroom. For group work. We have a strong core of traditional photographers & digital. But our comp nights have far more digital representation. Which makes our judges make mistakes when they stumble upon a traditional print. Personally my work is still not up to what I feel is quality work with a film camera & printing. I don't bother entering my digital work as it makes me feel like I have cheated.

Anyone in Melbourne is always welcome to come & visit the MCC. Last week we had a couple of lads from Switzerland who have traveled all over the globe with there film cameras. They were printing up some of there pic's of Oz land in the MCC darkroom.

Back to topic price of a good traditional photography magazine is not important. When I finish having a read I pass my copies around to other club members. So there value gets well used. I prefer UK publications, somewhere in the late 80's the USA mags lost there penmanship. When I was buying UK Digital Photography it was actually cheaper to get at the newsagents. Except my copy was like 2 or 3 months out of date.