Well, I couldn't restrain myself and picked up a Canon AE-1 and a bunch of stuff with it at the local Goodwill for $55. Upon further inspection, I've found that the shutter works intermittently (pinned it down to the shutter button since I can manually fire it with the magnet). Darn.

It came with the Canon 50 1.8, a Vivitar 28 2.8 and a Canon 70-210 f/4 that won't stop down. Also in the bag (a very nice padded bag, some offbrand) was a Speedlite 155A, cable release, all the assorted caps, and every bit of original information, manuals, even the original AE-1 warranty card and a pack of lens cleaning cloths that look like tissue paper.

I, always a glutton for punishment and instant gratification, got a nearly identical setup with an AE-1 Program to replace the AE-1 as I decide what to do with it, 135mm, 50mm, Sears 70-210, teleconverter, flash bag etc on ebay for the exact same price ($56 shipped) and plan to sell off the items I don't need based on what I like more or works better or whatever.

Did I clean up alright? I suppose it doesn't much matter since it's mine now but just wondering.

Looking forward to the valuable information on the forums,