I printed with Cibachome acetates for the first 10 years of my colour printing before a dichroic enlarger came my way; they will be fine 05, 10, 20, 30 40 and 50 in Y,M and C as I recall. Mine were 6" square, trimmed a bit to fit into a Besalar 23C. It was a condenser enlarger, and I bought a UV absorbing glass to keep the acetates from fading.

There is a bit of math involved in changing filters that then changes the required expoure time. The filter viewing kit should have a card that gives the density of the different filters. You multiply them out and make adjustments. Cyan will never be needed with RA-4 unless you need neutral density. Yellow is very thin. 1.1 filter factor, and usually not a big deal. Changing the Magenta is where fiter adjustments are more pronounced.

My chems I used to run at about 75F, since this allowed the blix to be a shorter temp than room temp. I used to have a small wash tub I would put in the darkroom sink that had a hole drilled in one end so it would not overflow, and a series of plastic mugs that hung on its side wall that would have the different solutions pred into to be ready to put into the tube. I would stand glas bottles of chems in the tub to temper them too. Wash water was scooped from the same tub. I used to prefill with 250-300mL to warm the tube, and wash off the overcoat ( I recall someone called them the green meanies if you processed in a tube without the pre-wet, but that was back in ep/2 days.) then about 50mL per 8x10, stop, wash, blix, wash, wash. For developer time I used a chart that came with my tubes that would give temp in/temp out of the pre wet water to give an average drift though temp of the developer.

Give yourself a treat, and find more than one tube. They have to be dry, so lots of towels and papewr towl are the order of the day. Print at 4x5 is a handy way to do test exposures, if you have the ribs to let the daylight tank be sub-dividie into smaller sizes.

I now have a roller processor, but have kept the roller base tube collection (up to 20x24) for the day when the roller processor dies

Exposure times are typically 5 to 20 seconds, and you need a repeatable timer, so a Gralab 300 might not be the best suited timer, if that is what you are using now.