Hi and welcome to APUG!

I'm a Canon FD guy and I've got an AE-1 that was my dad's and an AE-1 Program that was my uncles (go figure). I've shelved the AE-1 because of a light leak, and the AE-1P has some nice features, most notably LED indicators which are a boon in low light.

I'd say you didn't exactly "clean up", as in the deal of the century, but if you can use it all then you'll have a nice set up. The off brand lenses are more or less worthless, from a resale standpoint. What brand are the 50mm and 135mm??

When you say "Canon 70-210 f/4 that won't stop down", how do you know it won't stop down?? Have you actually mounted it on the camera and tried the stop-down lever, or are you just fiddling with the lens and looking thru it? In the latter case, the aperture won't change. Don't worry. It has to be mounted as it only stops down when the exposure occurs.