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Yes, the equipment reviews that they tend to do tends to be digital (I wonder if that has anything to do with the lack of new Film equipment).
That is one of the things that really disappoints me with the mag, they will happily do a bland 'test" of a new digi cam two months after everyone else has pixel-peeped it to destruction, telling us nothing new but not a peep about new gear that can be used either digitally or analogue e.g. new Nokton 50mm F1.1 for M mount, new Voigtlander SL 90mm for F, K and EF mount (not mentioning the 58mm, 40mm and 20mm all new in the last few years), exotica such as the Linhof Techno 5x4 that can do digi and analogue.

Ok they are not "mass-market" products but others do the mass-market faster, in more depth and perhaps better. A viable reputation can be built on being the "go-to" place for info on less well known but good products.

Anyone remember their article about Trevor Crones' ABS 10"x8" field camera?