FS: Complete Mamiya 7II system in pristine condition. Iím the original owner of everything except the 65mm lens. Iím not going to hype the system; if youíre serious about the Mamiya 7II, youíve done your homework.

Mamiya 7II body, with 80mm f/4 lens and Kirk BL-7II L-plate, all in like-new condition with original boxes and instruction manual. I had the rangefinder calibrated when I first purchased the camera, and it is dead on. Everything functions perfectly; glass is flawless; lens body is flawless; camera body is flawless except for minor marks around the battery compartment door and one 1/16Ē inch mark on the front (can barely be seen and is strictly cosmetic).

Mamiya 43mm f/4.5 lens in like-new condition with both caps and a hood that is shared with the 50mm lens. Also comes with the optical viewfinder. Glass is flawless, no marks at all on the body, looks perfect and functions perfectly.

Mamiya 50mm f/4.5 lens in nearly new condition with both caps and a hood that is shared with the 43mm lens. I found one cosmetic mark on the body about half the size of the head of a pin. Also comes with the optical viewfinder. Glass is flawless, focus is smooth, lens works as new.

Mamiya 65mm f/4 lens with both caps. I purchased this from KEH in LN- condition. The only sign of use is very slight wear on the lugs that hold the hood. Glass is flawless, focus is smooth, works like new.

Mamiya 150mm f/4.5 lens in like-new condition with both caps, hood, and original box. Glass is flawless, body is flawless, looks and functions like new.

Mamiya polarizing filter ZE702, with their unique hinged design that swings up to establish the correct orientation and to take a meter reading, and that then swings down in the same orientation to take the shot. In original box, protective plastic case, and with the instruction booklet. Looks and functions like new; Iíve written the filter factor on the plastic case.

Iíll also include a Tamrac shoulder/waist bag (have photo, but canít find the Tamrac model anywhere on the bag) that holds the system perfectly.

Iíve priced the system to sell. Total cost with insured delivery for everything is $4720. Iíll accept a personal check / cashierís check (either must clear first) or USPS money order or paypal gift payment for immediate delivery. If you want to do regular paypal payment with immediate delivery, Iíll split the 3% fee with you (we both benefit, so we should split the bill). If paying via paypal, shipment must be to a confirmed paypal address.

I have photos of everything and will answer any questions. I have 100% feedback on e**y (stp-montana), fredmiranda (stp), and photo.net. Iím most active on photo.net (www.photo.net/photos/stp), and have bought and sold a lot on all three venues over the years.

It's a wonderful camera with the sharpest lenses you are likely to find in any system. I'm in a year-long process of downsizing, and this is the last one on which I've had the heart to pull the trigger.

Steve Penland
Washington State