There are several things one can do to avoid streaking when developing ULF film in drums. I am not sure that these steps will guarantee no streaking 100% of the time with all films and developers, but they work for me 100% of the time.

1. Use a dilute solution of the developer. If D76, try 1:3 or 1:4 instead of D76 straight or 1:1. If a pyro staining developer like Pyrocat-HD, try 1+1+100 insted of 2+2+100.
2. Slow down the rate of rotation as much as possible. Five revolutions per minute is much better than fifty revolutions per second.
3. Use a motor base that reverses orientation.
4. Very soon after beginning development lift the drum from the motor base and agitate by lifting up and down on the sides.
5. Use a drum that allows the film to fit loosely. This will allow for circulation of the solutions around the back (base side) of the film.

These steps should give streak free negatives with all developers, both staining and traditional.

Sandy King