Thought that I'd share with you yesterdays (28th April) experience of watching my darkroom being lifted over electricity cables by a crane with an 80ft jib. As I made this exposure I have to admit that I felt somewhat sick when I saw the angle that my beloved shed was sitting at. I had visions of it slipping out of the sling and crashing to the ground leaving a pile of shattered wood, not to mention dreams. However, when it was deposited at my new home about 2 hours later I checked the bench and floor levels and to my amazement found them to be absolutely level. I left my Zone VI enlarger column bolted to the wall in it's normal position for the lift (the delicate head was removed) and found the column was only1/8th of 1 inch out of plumb. I'll soon correct that when I start putting it back together in the next few days and very soon I'll make my first print for several weeks. Life gets better every day after that experience.