"My experience has been great Zeiss lenses -- horrible bodies..."

I have to agree with Mike here. I have a 35mm Distagon, 50mm Planar, 135 Tele-Tessar & 135 Sonnar, and a 200mm Tele-Tessar. Three were purchased for $100 each or less and a couple were given to me free. It's hard to imagine finding lenses of this quality at this price with either the Contax or Leica SLR systems.

Unfortunately I had a hard time finding a reliable body to use these lenses on. It wasn't until my very recent purchase of a German-made SL35 that my dilemma was resolved.

If you have a good working Rollei SL35ME and a limited budget, I would be patient and see if there are still deals to be had on the fine Zeiss optics for this system... although you may now be competing against Canon shooters that have the Rollei adapter.